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About Hancock + Hancock

We are an Architecture and Interior Design firm skilled in the design of both contemporary and traditional environments.

Hancock + Hancock was founded in 1979 by Nina and John Hancock, partners both personally and professionally. The firm provides creative design services to a broad base of clients - from corporate interiors and country club settings to hospitals and private homes.

Creative design is a process of search and discovery; inspiration and constraints; invention and adaptation. Our mission is to find the optimum design solution that fits the client's program, site, budget and schedule.

Project management methods and procedures are as critical to the success of a project as design skills. We understand this, and place great emphasis on assisting our clients through the numerous steps of review, approval, documentation and execution while staying on schedule and within budget.

The study of art, architecture, design and other beautiful things never ends... it is a journey, part of a process. We bring this to our clients and share our experiences with them.