About…..this site.

Our site is a working tool, constantly changing. We invite our clients, friends and anyone interested in the Arts to visit and visit often.

Exploring this site you will find abbreviated references such as H+H meaning Hancock+Hancock our office, JH is John Hancock and Nina, obviously is Nina Hancock.

Of Interest…..a bulletin board where we will periodically post news, information, announcements and items that are “of interest”.

Portfolio…..showcases representative examples of our residential and corporate, hospitality and health care projects; current work in “looking forward”; and Trace.

Vault…..stores our project documents. Access is limited and password protected. Clients can open the vault to see the progress of their design drawings or construction drawings. Contractors can download the construction drawings to print “blueprints”.

Contact…..we welcome questions and comments about H+H, our services, our projects or anything “of interest”. Please feel free to submit a message.